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Guided Tours

Whisky Tasting – $55 per person


Tarraleah Lodges Library Bar within the Lodge boasts more than 155 fine malt whiskies from around the world.  We offer visitors the opportunity to take a guided tasting with the Keepers of the Whisky Keys.  A truly great opportunity for those with a taste for malt.  Participants enjoy 6 tastes of whisky from across the word which takes about an hour – even longer if your tongue loosens on that 3rd dram at 60%.  On request we can also arrange a Tasmanian specific whisky tasting which includes some of the world’s best whiskies, all made on this little island of ours.

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Tarraleah Estates guided fishing tours

Introduction to fly fishing – $190 per person


Curious about fly fishing and after a quick introduction on the basics? This 3-hour experience will teach you how to cast, spot and stalk a fish and then try out your skills. 


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Tarraleah Estate Guided Fly-fishing Tours

Guided fly fishing – $600 per person


Are you a fly fisher visiting Tasmania looking for a local Tasmanian Highlands fly fishing guide?  Well look no further we have one of the best local fly fishermen, Robert Aikenhead, ready to take you to the best spots in the Central Highlands.


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Tarraleah Estate Tasmanian Highland Lake Kayaking Tours

Half Day Wilderness Kayaking Adventure  – $235 per person


Looking for an inland kayaking experience?  Interested in exploring some of the stunning Tasmanian Highland Lakes and waterways? You won’t be disappointed with our half-day kayaking adventure suitable for all levels of experience.

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Tarraleah Estate Bike Tour

Wilderness Breakfast Ride – $110 per person


Rise and shine to an invigorating early morning bike ride through bush and forest.  Enjoy full cooked breakfast in a private forest glade.


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Tarraleah Estate Bike Tours

Butlers Run Afternoon Ride – $90 per person


Interested in exploring Tarraleah and the areas hydro-electric features and history by bike? On this tour you will get to ride beside water canals, enjoy stunning views and see the power falls.


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